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All sequences were originated on 35mm film and fullframe (5k and 6k) digital cameras. Footage is available by license agreement direct from Simon Carroll. Master elements are available in all formats - 4k - HD - SD. Time-coded viewing files are available on request.

This collection of movie film has been shot by Simon Carroll over many years. Much of the footage was created using available light of stars and moonlight.

Inspired by a long standing interest in astronomy and the wonder of the starry night he began gas hyper-sensitiising motion picture film to enhance its sensitivity - star light being a million times fainter than sunlight.

The time lapse approach used for night photography more easily records the drama of sun-lit phenomena. Landscapes and skies by night and day are the subject of 14 hours of time lapse pictures in the Archive.

History of a Day

The History of a Day project is a multi-screen audiovisual installation which recreates this cosmic theatre, through the spectacular timelapse cinematography of Simon Carroll and the soundscape of composer Martin Friedel. Enter the History of a Day website.

Available as:
Standard Definition
High Definition
Cinema - 2K or 4K

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